Chopin's Scotland in Hamilton

On 9 October in the Low Parks Museum in Hamilton - part of the former Hamilton Palace estate, where Chopin stayed in October 1848, Anna Dębowska peformed a selection of the Great Romantic's composotions in the narrated concert "Chopin's Scotland".

During the event, the audience had an opportunity to listen to a variety of Chopin's  compositions,  including the two Nocturnes which he dedicated to Jane Stirling.  Normally fragile and fearful, Anna becomes a musical sovereign when she tames the grand piano through Chopin's music. She calms the audience with her subtle rendition of the composer's nocturnes, but at the same time she can roll through the keyboard like a hurricane with demanding passages as she interprets his ballades. And so did she perform at "Chopin's Scotland" in Hamilton on 9 October 2021.

Anna's performances during "Chopin's Scotland"  fuse the past and the present, as they provide the audience with a unique opportunity to commune with sounds that so clearly carry a message. Combined with readings from Chopin's letters,  they offered a musical voyage in time back to 1848, when Caledonian soil hosted the dying Chopin, impoverished by his declining lot, enriched by numerous tokens of hospitality and genuine friendship. 

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