Chopin en rout

This concert offered a musical journey that reflected the extraordinary life and travels of the illustrious Frédéric Chopin. Chopin's life was a perpetual voyage, a heartfelt odyssey that took him from the scenic landscapes of his beloved homeland to the bustling streets of Berlin, the cultural hub of Vienna, as well as the romantic allure of Paris and the hospitality of Caledonian soil. Through the virtuosity of Anna Dębowska, we paid homage to the legacy of Frédéric Chopin by restaging the performance the Great Romantic gave on the 28th of August 1848 at the Gentlemen's Concert Hall in Manchester, as part of his British tour arranged for him by Jane Stirling.

Low Parks Museum, 129 Muir Street, Hamilton
7 pm., 18 November 2023  



 In the First Part: ANDANTE and SCHERZO ........................... Chopin

In the Second Part: NOCTURNE, ETUDES, et BERCEUSE .......... Chopin


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